Author Topic: cannot open any other excel instances while pyxll calculates  (Read 774 times)


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here is an issue I observed and which I believe might be due to pyxll, although I am not sure.

When I run a computationally heavy spreadsheet that goes off to pyxll many times for computationally
expensive tasks, i.e. I am talknig about a calculation time of a few minutes say. Then when I try to open
other excel sessions, it is not possible. The sessions opened while the heavy calc happens just freeze
and eventually have to be process-killed even after the heavy calc has come to an end.

Is that related to using the same log-file somehow or is there some other locking going on here?



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Re: cannot open any other excel instances while pyxll calculates
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2013, 07:38:18 AM »

there shouldn't be any interaction between the two excel instances as far as pyxll is concerned. It runs python in-process so each excel has its own python instance.

I don't think that them both using writing to the same file should be a problem, but I guess it's possible. You could try including the process id in the log filename (add %(pid)s in the config) so that each excel instance gets its own logfile - at least that might help you to see how far the second excel process is getting, if it's getting as far as loading pyxll.

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