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PyXLL makes it possible to write add-ins for Microsoft Excel in Python.

Using simple decorators your Python code can instantly be exposed to Excel as worksheet functions, menu items, or macros.

Download and Install with Enthought Canopy

PyXLL is automatically available in Canopy’s Package Manager (starting in Canopy v1.3). Simply open Package Manager from the Canopy Welcome Screen, click on “Available Packages” and select PyXLL from the list of packages to install.

Note: Most users will need to install Canopy 32-bit to be compatible with Excel 32-bit (the typical Excel install). Click here for more details.

Download PyXLL for Other Python Distributions

PyXLL can be used with all Python distributions including Anaconda, ActivePython, WinPython, Python(x,y), PortablePython or packages from

If you are not using Canopy please refer to the installation instructions and the PyXLL FAQs for details of how to install PyXLL.

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