• Write Excel worksheet functions in Python
  • Functions are automatically included in the Excel Function Wizard with their python docstrings
  • Add menu items to Excel from Python
  • Write Excel macros in Python
  • Support for large array types from Excel 2007 onwards
  • Unicode support from Excel 2007 onwards
  • Asynchronous functions in Excel 2010 and 2013
  • Compatible with cPython modules compiled with SWIG, Boost, Cython etc.
  • Reload and test without restarting Excel
  • Stubs pyxll module provided to allow PyXLL code to be used outside of Excel (for unit testing etc.)
  • Built-in support for numpy datatypes
  • Customizable type system for handling non-standard datatypes
  • Use win32com for calling back into Excel from PyXLL modules and for Excel event handling

Why use PyXLL?

  • Increase productivity by using a modern dynamic language
  • Leverage your existing Python code base
  • Reduce risk by storing code in your version control system instead of embedded in Excel files
  • Deploy changes more easily as the PyXLL addin just references your Python modules from the filesystem
  • Reduce coding iteration cycles by removing the compile-and-restart step usually associated with C++ addins
  • Get better performance using numpy and your own optimized cPython modules

If that’s got you interested go to the download page to download an evaluation version of PyXLL complete with example code to help get you started.